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40 scholarship recipients. 10 Budweiser brewers. One life-changing moment.

Since 2011, Budweiser has donated $14 million to help support the families of our heroes. This summer, for every case of Freedom Reserve purchased, Budweiser is donating $1 to Folds of Honor — a non-profit that provides military scholarships to families of fallen or wounded soldiers.


Don’t forget the glassware! Serving beer in the proper glass can enhance a guest’s experience. When serving beer, it’s important to have glasses that are “beer clean,” that is, free from any residue that will affect the beer’s flavor or appearance. For this level of glassware purity, an automatic dishwasher is ideal. Be careful to wash your glassware separately from other dishes, and use a sanitizing detergent so that all you taste is the fresh and flavorful beer.

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R. A. Jeffreys distributes products by Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI), Corona Brands, Sweetwater and other suppliers across 36 counties in North Carolina. R. A. Jeffreys also distributes a variety of non-alcoholic products including Nestle, Taste of Florida and others.

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As a North Carolina Company ourselves, we are pleased to say that along with all of our other Craft Breweries, we are also partnered with 12 North Carolina Breweries.

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Our wineries reside in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Austria, as well as new world selections from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand and Chile.

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