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R.A. Jeffreys

R. A. Jeffreys distributes products by Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI), Corona Brands, Sweetwater and other suppliers across 36 counties in North Carolina. R. A. Jeffreys also distributes a variety of non-alcoholic products including Nestle, Taste of Florida and others.

As the oldest family-owned beer distributer in North Carolina, R. A. Jeffreys continues to grow by adding new product lines. As a distributor of ABI brands since 1923, R. A. Jeffreys has created many special relationships over the years. These relationships define a philosophy shared by both ABI and R. A. Jeffreys, because “Making Friends is Our Business”.

From all of us here at R. A. Jeffreys, we look forward to sharing an ice-cold beer with our Friends, including you!

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