Community Involvement

R. A. Jeffreys has been an integral part of Eastern North Carolina since 1923. Our business represents a major economic force by generating significant jobs, wages and taxes for our community. However, our contributions don’t stop there. Whether it is promoting the responsible consumption of our beers, working to protect the environment, providing charitable donations or volunteering at local causes, R. A. Jeffreys has always been there in times of celebration and times of need. Just like the great taste of an ice cold beer, our commitment will not change.

Our contributions benefit, local Chambers of Commerce, Law Enforcement Agencies, Schools and Universities, Arts and Entertainment Venues, Festivals, Education Literacy Programs, Sporting Events and Fitness and Recreational Events. We are also a proud supporter of our local Military Bases that protect the very freedoms that we enjoy.

R. A. Jeffreys believes that who we are as a corporation is part of our history and longstanding commitment to the communities in which we do business. After all, our family and our employees and their families live and work in these same communities. We are proud of these commitments and will continue our legacy of giving back and helping to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors and friends.

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