If you are looking for an opportunity to display your patriotism this summer, a unique new beer from Budweiser could be just the thing. Imagine drinking a beer on the 4th of July that is based on a recipe from George Washington’s journal and knowing a portion of the profits from this beverage are going to help families of veterans harmed or killed in combat.

This beer, called Freedom Reserve, is only available for a limited time, until late September or the supply runs out, so make sure you give it a try before it’s gone.

R.A. Jeffreys has proudly distributed Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) products, including Budweiser, for almost a century. We are proud to see how this international company continually makes efforts to incorporate charity, patriotism and other core community values into their business practices and products.

This year’s Freedom Reserve beer is a unique project for them, though.

In 1757, George Washington wrote a recipe for a red lager into his military journal. Of course, somebody had to go ahead and brew it to see what kind of beer our first president was into.

Budweiser was that somebody and they happily accepted this challenge. They decided to use three master brewers, John Williams, Bobby Walker and David Morris–veterans of both brewing and the armed forces–to make the beer. The three men’s names appear prominently on the label of the stubby, old-fashioned bottle as recognition of their expertise and work on this new recipe.

Budweiser describes the beer as “a limited edition red lager with a light hoppy aroma, a toasted malt taste and a hint of molasses.” Business Insider gave G.W.’s beer to some of the best beer testers to gauge their reactions. All of the testers had a positive reaction, saying it achieved “high marks overall” and that “taste testers were surprised at how tasty the Freedom Reserve turned out to be.”

For many beer drinkers, finding out that there is a well-reviewed new lager that was designed by George Washington is enough to guarantee a sale. But, hearing that $1 from every case purchased will be donated to Folds of Honor–a non-profit that provides scholarship opportunities for family members of fallen and wounded soldiers–makes Freedom Reserve both taste good and feel good. These donations are in addition to the $14 million already given by ABI to charities assisting veterans since 2011.

R.A. Jeffreys is proud to distribute a lot of great American beers with a particular focus on our 12 North Carolina brewers (like Lonerider and Natty Greene’s) and on the national brewers committed to giving back to the country and charitable organizations.

It is always exciting to see the creative ways these companies are developing products and giving generously to charities helping real people across the nation. Budweiser seems to have a real winner in both those categories here with the Freedom Reserve.